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Two more athletes tested positive for coronavirus in Olympic village Revealing a total of 10 new cases

Two more athletes tested positive for coronavirus in Olympic village Revealing a total of 10 new cases

The Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo Japan Announced on July 18 that it has found a case of Covid-19. In the village of athletes, two more people have been add, both athletes, both of whom are athletes of the same national team as an official. Who had previously contracted the coronavirus. While other athletes who are in close contact with the patient have been successfully quarantine. It is strictly forbid to leave the room. And the staff will bring food to the room ufabet.

The two athletes were the first athletes to have the virus teste in the Athletes Village. Which were often detect on arrival in Japan. The organizer of the competition state that On Sunday, July 18. A new coronavirus case was found among 10 Olympic athletes. While on Saturday, July 17 there were 15 more.

On the other hand, former 2004 Olympics table tennis gold medalist Ryu Sung Min. Now IOC member, tested positive for coronavirus after arriving in Japan. And there has been quarantine as well