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Tokyo Olympics 2020: Host a 42 million budget, get rid of 14 tons of oysters

Tokyo Olympics 2020 are once again busy in the field of water sports such as rowing and canoeing. that encountered problems from the appearance of more than 14 tons of oysters.

Tokyo Olympics 2020 in Tokyo Japan. It’s going to be officially open on July 21st.

However, the host still has issues that need to be fixed continuously. Most recently, they had to spend more than $1.28 million. Or about 42 million baht, to dispose of over 14 tons of oysters at the Sea Forest Waterway. To be use for canoeing and rowing competitions.

The BBC news agency report that the race organizers ran into the problem after wondering. What was causing the buoyancy to begin sinking. before it was discover that the oysters were trap The aforementioned oysters are makaki oysters. Which are also expensive.

However, the race organizers had eliminate all 1.4 tons of shellfish, which cause them to have 5.6 kilometers of equipment tow ashore to be clean. which requires a large budget

Officials said the oysters found at the stadium will not be consumed.

“We didn’t have the idea to bring it to consumption. There will be further security checks.”