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Mancini confirms that Italy will play the same way

Italy national team coach Roberto Mancini insists that he and his team will stick to playing the same way. Although the British were physically stronger.

The Azzurri are set to face the England in the Euro 2020 final on Sunday night at Wembley. 

“We want to play our style even against Spain. They did a good job of limiting our play. Our identity has brought us so far here. We have no desire to change right now.

“England is physically stronger than us in every area, not just in midfield. But football is played with the ball to the feet. So we hope the technique can be overcome.

“England has always had a good team. They’ve been out of luck over the years. It will be an incredible football game with so many fans in the stadium. That’s a miracle for people who love this sport.

“We know their quality and will wait and see what happens. You wouldn’t reach the final without a great team.”