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Juventus decided to sign Chiesa

Chiesa Buffon was amazed by the performances of Federico Chiesa, Zebra and the Azzurri.

Juventus decided to sign Federico Chiesa from Fiorentina on a two-season loan deal. With an outright buy clause attached, and he maintains his standards. Playing himself as before and becoming the main character of Juventus is not difficult. Continually coming to the Euro 2020 battle, helping the Italy team to reach the final before the final. It will be the Italian national team that beat England in the penalty shootout.

In which Gianluigi Buffon admitted that he was amaze by Federico Chiesa’s performance with both Juventus and the Italian national team, because he did not expect to have such a great performance by Gianlui. Gi Buffon said in an interview: “I admit that when I first saw Federico Chiesa coming to Juventus, I didn’t even think he would continue to perform like this in the battle. Euro 2020 final against England, I don’t see anyone who can stop him.”

“But after Federico Chiesa’s outstanding performance at Juventus, I’m not one bit surprise. That he done a great job with the Italy national team. And that Federi Ko Chiesa has done such a great job that means he is a special player.”