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Hamilton Wins 8th British Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton, the famous Mercedes F1 driver, has won the British Grand Prix 2021 and is his eighth title, while Max Verstappen has won the British Grand Prix 2021. The race is not over.

Formula One World Championship, Formula One, field 10 of the season, British Grand Prix 2021 at Silverstone Circuit, England, on July 18 at the past. It’s the final race. Among the spectators who came to cheer on the stadium, over 140,000 people

The results showed that Lewis Hamilton from the Mercedes team. Local favorite won the championship with a time of 1 hour 58 minutes 23.284 seconds. Despite being penalize 10 seconds after colliding. With Max Verstappen’s car from the Red Bull Racing team. Until he lost control and the race was not over. Including having to be take to the hospital for a thorough physical examination again

As a result of winning the title. The seven-time world champion took the title for the eighth time in front of his hometown fans. and the champion for the 3rd time in a row

In second place is Charles LeClaire of the Ferrari team. With a time of 3.871 seconds behind and third place is Valteri Bottas of the Mercedes team. with a time behind 11.125 seconds

As for the points table, Max Verstappen retains the lead with 185 points, followed by second place Lewis Hamilton with 177 points and third place, Lando Norris of Team Mac. Claren 113 points.