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Capou pointed out that Anfield was hell for the visiting team

Villarreal midfielder Etienne Capou admits that Anfield is like hell for the visiting team. both in terms of atmosphere and playing Liverpool

yellow submarine Going out to visit Liverpool in the Champions League semi-final first leg on Wednesday, which Villarreal hopes for a good result before opening home in the second match.

However, Capou, 33, who was a former Tottenham Hotspur and Watford player, admits Anfield is a nightmare for the visiting ufabet teams.

“Anfield is hell, I used to play in England. It’s a very bad field. whether the atmosphere of the football fans or how they play,” stated the French midfielder.

“They have these specialties in making them superior. Create problems for you all the time no matter what part of the field

“They never stop They attack you from everywhere, they always want to score goals. even when they score They will move on. manage to get you out of the fight and no matter what is in front they don’t care They have their own plans. They just kill you. It’s just that.”

At least Capoue is unlikely to be intimidated. The French midfielder is not a fan of football, avoids watching football at home and says “I don’t want football to be my whole life”.

In contrast, Villarreal’s coach Unai Emery will know every detail about his opponents this week. Emery’s meticulous preparation extends to famously long video sessions, with the aim to prepare his players for every possible scenario.